The Orchestra provides players of all ages with the opportunity to play in a concert orchestra and to develop their musical skills.  We have a wide range of ages from early teens to retired, the Orchestra members, who are a social group of people, are always pleased to welcome new members of reasonable competence who are interested in improving their playing.  In addition to the music making the members of the orchestra hold social events during the year including a summer barbeque and a Christmas social evening to which members and their families are welcomed.

If you are interested in becoming a playing member or simply want to know more about us please contact Brenda Ellis, concert manager or 01255 223455

The Conductor:

David Rowland

Musical Director:

Julie Harmer

Violin 1

Ruth Baker – Leader

Sue Bruce

Pauline Abbott

Brian Willis

Carole Warren

Tracey Keeley

Violin 2

Anja Newman

Wendy Powell – principal

Peter Gurteen

Jeffrey Hurley Small

Chris Bullock


Sue Tyrrell

Michael George

Jonathan Cooper

Hector Preston


Christopher Samuel – principal

Carole Bartle

Cheryl Jessop

Cameron Smith

Kate Ellis


Kate Ellis

Simon Westripp


Julie Harmer – principal

Silke McNair-Wilson

Jane Sweeting

Sarah Stephens

Elizabeth Hammond


Jane Sweeting

Silke McNair-Wilson


Silke McNair-Wilson


Alan Gray -principal

Giuseppe Turdo

Hollie Webb


Katerina Venables – principal

Hannah Speck

Caroline Davis

Janet Williams

Jane Hammond

Anne Watkinson


Graham Grafton

Kate Hammond


Howard Ling

Philip Sweeting

Ellis Bould


Matthew Webster

Ed Fraser Brown

Sophina Fraser Brown


David Hammond

Giuseppe Turdo


Pam Garland


Glenn Relf

Geoff Osborne


Trudi Bishop

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