As well as playing members, we are fortunate in having a group of loyal supporters or ‘Friends’.  No qualifications are necessary, apart from a love of music, and all that is needed to become a ‘Friend’ is to pay a small annual subscription, currently a modest £30 per year ( or more if you wish!) In return the Orchestra will provide TWO complimentary tickets for each of the four  annual concerts. In addition we will keep you up to date with our concert plans and news of the Orchestra and its members.  ‘Friends’ are also invited to the Orchestra’s social events which include a summer garden party and a Christmas social evening.   To find out more please contact Graham Grafton on 01255 870509 or email graftons@linderhof.co.uk


Bob Young

Honorary Life Friend:

Myrtle Clayton


Brenda Ellis
Anna Rendell-Knights

Allen Warrender

Brian Edmonds
Susan Cobbe
Roger Clover
Steve McNair-Wilson
Joyce Chadwick
Vera Price
Joy Horsler
Gwen Lodge
Dagmar Grafton
Monica D. Partridge
Kathy Cobb
Ann Kerridge
Jennifer Kersey
Maisie Leatherdale
Reg Young
Josie Tabbone
Edward Dufton
Jude Ellis
David Wright
John Steele
Stella F. Rand M.B.E.
Kate Ellis
Norma Francis

John Wright
Caroline Blackler

Our grateful thanks to all those who support CCO including the staff at the Clacton and Evening Gazettes, Liz Leatherdale at Colchester Classics, staff and volunteers Hayley Baird and Jeanette Stretten from Community Voluntary Services Tendring (CVST), Tony Ellis.

One comment on “‘FRIENDS’ of CCO

  1. Yes I too am very saddened by the loss of two of our great supporters and friends-Peter Cobb and,more recently, John Baker.
    Their contribution was really immeasurable and I`m sure that the orchestra will continue, but with the knowledge that much of their output was as a result of their dedication and committment.
    RIP both of them

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