Welcome to the new home of Clacton Concert Orchestra

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22 comments on “Welcome

  1. Congratulations on getting this new site going! It looks very professional and will be most useful.
    Thanks also for yesterday’s concert (31.1.10).

  2. have just discovered this website. It looks brilliant!

    Nice colours, fonts and lay-out.

    After the concert in Brightlingsea there were a few photographs taken of the Mayor and his wife in front of CCO. Would it be possible at all to see them on this website? Or does anybody know who to get in touch with about the photographs?


  3. Just an observation and in no way meant as a critisism!
    I would like to know others views on this?
    Francis is a marvellous conductor,but I do wish he wasn`t
    quite so sparing with rallentandos-especially at the end of a piece of music.
    That`s not to say that I think this applies in all cases,but it does enhance the conclusion of some tunes.
    The orchestra,like a small ship, sometimes tossed on the waves of life, continues to keep afloat ,= steering in a positive direction and provides us with some memorable concerts-well done again to all concerned-your dedication does not go un-noticed-I am constantly in awe of the high standards achieved by this happy band of musicians.
    Jennifer Kersey.

  4. I lmost forgot to mention John Baker in my last review-his contribution is immeasurable-he keeps a firm hand on finances and many other things relating to the smooth running of the orchestra.
    Jennifer Kersey.

  5. I want to make a comment about the Viennese concert at the Princes theatre (30/1/2011)………………absolutely fab`!
    The orchestra was on superb form, the idea of the `pavement cafe atmosphere` was great(we even had some dancers)the soloists were excellent, Francis held it all together marvellously and I think all who attended would agree-it was a triumph!
    Brenda,with her usual brilliant finesse made the introductions bright and humourous.
    Very well done to all concerned!

    Jennifer Kersey

  6. I like the new heading which appears on the web pages (how new is it? I haven’t been paying attention for a while) – especially the fact that it features the BASS clef for a change. Very correct!

  7. Another excellent concert at St Osyth today-many thanks to all concerned with making this event a success.

  8. Yet another triumph for Clacton Concert orchestra-wonderful music and fabulous atmosphere at the Princes theatre today-well done to all concerned!

  9. Another super concert at St James`s (Brightlingsea)with a very varied programme that included several solo spots. Just one thing I feel I must mention(and it`s absolutely nothing to do with the orchestra`s performance)The lady minister probably knows much about God-but she is lacking in orchestral etiquette-`parish notes and welcomes` should be made BEFORE the leader and the conductor are brought to the podium for separate applause(as Brenda Ellis ALWAYS does). This was probably an innocent mistake, but it reflects the current mode where presentation falls down through inadequate preparation. Some would say that this is an irrelevant point-but it IS an important part of the `parcel` which is being delivered today in ALL areas! Well done, again Clacton concert orchestra-despite many changes of personnel over the years the standard is kept high and continually improves.

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