Support our orchestra by purchasing our DVD or CD.

DVD: A collection of the best performances we did in 2012 (see cover below for details).

CD: A collection of music favourites recorded in 2014-15

[01 – Skyfall (A. Adkins, P. Epworth) 02 – Hansel & Gretel Ouverture (E. Humperdinck) 03 – Warsaw Concerto (R. Addinsell) 04 – Cats Suite (A. LLoyd Webber) 05 – Clarinet Concerto III mvt. (J. Parker) 06 – Symphonic Marches (J. Williams) 07 – L’Arlesienne (G. Bizet) 08 – Les Miserables Suite (C. Schoemberg) 09 – Moonlight Serenade (G. Miller) 10 – Symphony N.96 III mvt (F. J. Haydn) 11 – Music (J. Miles)]

Price: £5.99

P&P: Free to UK customers

CD cover

cco dvd cover

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